Do you have
a book in you?

I am here to help you get it finished and published so that you can share your story in a way that inspires, educates or helps others.

Hey, I'm Heather!

Listening to what most people are asking for right now, they are asking for your story. They want to know about you, they want to know your journey. Right now people want to be inspired. They want to be inspired by you.
If you have a story you would like to share but you are unsure of how to get your story out to the world. Then I would love to help you!

I listen to people’s stories and put them onto paper for publication as a book, eBook and audiobook. I come alongside authors to take all of the key information, learning, experience and messages from their mind and translate it so that the published book is easy to read and flows for the reader.

A published book is the ultimate business card for an author and gives the opportunity to share your story and message with people in a way that they expect. 

How can your book or story impact others in a positive way?

Books are an important resource for anyone wanting to learn about an area or aspect of life – whether to learn about a shared experience, develop their mindset or learn a new skill – there is no better way to provide value for people than a great book.

Stories that are shared can and do change lives and inspire others. Books like Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Chicken Soup for the Soul series co-authored by Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield & others and The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle have helped millions to change how they live and the way that they see or show up in the world. Sharing personal stories and experiences can both empower and encourage others, books like Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

How I work

I offer a bespoke service and work closely with me clients through the book writing and publishing process. I work with a selected number of clients per year.

If we choose to work together we will meet regularly and set agreed timeframes and review points at the outset. I work in a number of ways with different clients to best meet individual needs including regular interviews, email correspondence, voice notes and audio recordings.

My Services


This is not the writing of ghost stories! If you have a great story to tell but stop at putting pen to paper then I can help.

I listen to people’s stories and put them onto paper and in to book form. It is your story and your book and you are the author. This service is very much a collaboration whereby I help take the words from your mind and into book form ready to publish.


If you have written a book the next essential step for all of us is a great editor.

This is vital to ensure that your book flows and works best for the reader. It is a skill that I learned as a journalist, my Editor David Fletcher taught us all how important it is for someone else to edit our work because we don’t always say what we mean to say and it is very difficult to see small errors and mistakes that we may make.

Editing will enhance your book and ensure that it is ready to be formatted and published.


Your published book can be shared in a number of formats- as a book, eBook or audiobook, or of course all three.

Your book will be formatted, front matter and back matter added (all the other bits outside of the chapters!) plus the final cover achieved. 

Once your publication date has been agreed and cover is finalised you will be ready to share how people can get your book! 


If you would like to self-publish I can coach you through the publication process so that you can publish your own books.

Work with me

I facilitate and mentor authors through the creative process. I will come alongside you on the journey of bringing your book to life. I am here to help you and ensure that your book is your voice, your message and best represents your story.

I have been writing for the past 25 years after falling in love with English and the written word after first hating Jane Eyre then falling in love with the words and sentences that brought her story to life. As a bestselling author, former journalist, researcher and chief report writer in a number of roles over the years I have honed my own writing and editing skills. I work with clients every day who have a great message to share but either just don’t have the time or want some help writing it down. 

I offer a range of services from helping to write your book, editing and formatting your book and a number of publishing options.

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